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Features of KBK crane system
Features of KBK crane

KBK systems include KBK-D monorail cranes, ...

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Belt cutter machine

Finsihed Panel Cutting

Belt Cutter of Sandwich Panel Production Line

Movement of cutter: 1800mm (cylinder distance)
Type of operating: Touch screen
Overall weight of cutter: About 1.5t

Specifications of Belt Cutter:

Material Type of cutting Driven power Thickness of panel Length of panel
EPS shearing cutter 1.5kw×2 40-300mm According to customer
Two methods of cutting:
  • Manual : Press button by hand then cut.
  • Automatic: Adopt rotary encoder, touch screen and PLC to remember length and Number. You can set 10 series

Different length and number sandwich panel. Also it can be recycled. Cutter cutting adopt the frequency conversion, the saw can achieve different speed. During the continuous processing, it is very necessary to cut the finished panel with high precision. Our machine adopts the synchronous controller to control the cutting frame to achieve the machine with the finished panel relative static cutting. The band saw cutting clamp and tension rotate was controlled by the PLC to control pneumatic and hydraulic system.

Belt Cutter Machine

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