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Traction Scissor Lift

Mobile Traction Scissor Lifts

Mobile traction scissor lifting platforms take advantage of external force to make lifting equipment, with three-phase power or diesel-powered, moving fast and convenient, good for long-distance operations.

Electric and mobile scissor lifting platforms are suitable for all construction sites, brick work, paint job, glass cleaning, fixing and maintenance, decoration in high rise, transforming the goods between shells, producing shells, production line for different height in warehouse, bridge, elevated work and so on.

Mobile Traction Scissor Lifting Platform

As one convenient lifting equipment, mobile traction scissor lifts have electric up-down switch and auto up-down switch, the worker on the ground or on the table can control the up and down of the table. Lift table is equipped with hydraulic pump used for no power circumstances, the cylinder of this table has the unloading control value, when the hydraulic system is out of work.

Specifications of Mobile Traction Scissor Lifting Platforms:

Programs Specifications & Parameter Unit
Specified capacity 500 300 kgs
Max height of table 14000 6000 mm
Min height of table 1800 950 mm
Dimension of the table 2600*1500 1780*840 mm
Direct current 220v/440v   v
Alternation current 380 380/50Hz v
Motor 4 1.1 Kw
Elevation Time 132 54 Sec
Out ward dimension 2800 620 Length mm
  1600 370 Width mm
  14000 6000 Height mm
Total weight 2500 750 kgs

This mobile traction scissor lifting platform is useful in all industries, construction sites, building maintenance, glass cleaning, railways, defence, police, fire dept, disaster management, bridge worth, house kepping, malls and so on.

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