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Features of KBK crane system
Features of KBK crane

KBK systems include KBK-D monorail cranes, ...

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Roll forming machine

Technical Data of Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine of Sandwich Panel Production Line

Specifications of Roll Forming Machine:

Type of uncoiled: Manual
Parts of Sandwich Panel Production Line Material of coil: Color coating coil

Thickness of coil: 0.4-0.8mm
Width of coil: Max 1200 mm
Weight of coil: ≤ 5 t

Inside diameter of coil: 480~520mm
Type of forming: Two layer forming

Stands of forming: 14 stands bottom layer
                            12 stands top layer

Roller diameter: ¢72mm, ¢80mm
Sandwich Panel Production Line Material of roller: 45 steel heat treatment

Thickness of chromic plating of roller surface: 0.05~0.06mm
Speed of forming: 10~15m/min  synchronies with panel machine

Type of synchronies: Electrical synchronies
Driven power:  3.0 kW
Installation instruction: Two parts
Size of forming machine: 11000×2200×2200mm
Weight of forming machine: 12t

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